Some level of sustained training is the most important thing you will ever do in being prepared to confront and survive a tactical situation. Even more fundamental than training for the purpose of developing tactical skills, training simply to keep the body fit is far more often than not a significant challenge for many people. In this section of our online publication we’re going to explore both training for skills development and training simply to stay in shape.

Coming soon…all about keeping the mind and body prepared!

Tactics and Training: US Army Field Manuals

One place we’ve found an extremely excellent resource for raw training information is the US Army’s library of field manuals. This section of our training page features exerpts from some of those manuals published by the US army we’ve found to be either particularly interesting or useful in our training. While they often encompass a much larger scope than what our average reader will require, the principles are sound and often very transferable to smaller magnitude forces or individuals. We’ve chosen to start out this section of our site content with FM 3-6.11: Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain and as our content evolves expect to see this collection of exerpts expanded to include other field manuals.