Why to www.tacticalworks.ca?

Here at www.tacticalworks.ca we’re going to try and cover alot of different ground and much of the information we’ll post will be available to the general public free of charge. Our intent is to provide enough free information such that our public browsing audience will be able to build a good, solid foundation of knowledge they might use in building up a sound tactical skillset.

Our testing procedures, product reviews, and training facility/regime evaluations are not without cost though, so while we want there to be enough information for everyone to make some informed decisions with respect to their personal development of tactical skills and selection of the equipment they might choose to field in a tactical situation, we’ll also be hosting subscription based content where, for a small monthly fee, those interested will have access to the complete range of data and articles contained in our ever-growing archives. Subscription based content will be intermixed with our regular content and readily identifiable via symbol:

How to Subscribe

We’re still in the process of building our subsciber engine, so for the near future at least even things marked as subscriber content will be available to the general public at no cost. As we gradually increase the amount of content here on the site we will ultimately enable the subsciber function and when this happens, all content marked with the asterix will be available only on a subscription basis.

Coming soon…information on how to subscribe to www.tacticalworks.ca. Being a subscriber will allow you to unrestricted access to the entire contents of our site.