Roofs are exposed to harsh weather and are expected to perform well from season to season. That is a good reason to go for the roof materials that you can comfortable afford. Quite a number of roofing is available, but they all perform same function of protecting your house.The materials used for roofing should armonize the architectural style of house it is protecting. Typically, roofing will last 15-50 years, just before it needs replacement. This means that average homeowner will encounter this task once or twice in a lifetime. When you are changing roof-line, constructing a new home or building an addition also calls for making decision on the new materials for roofing. Many manufacturing companies offer many colors, styles, and suitable quality for your budget and taste.Generally, there are popular roofing designs and styles to choose from when building your house. Roofing plays a big role in giving your home an overall appearance.